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Team & Event Support


We have specially trained Recovery Tech's to support the athletic programs hosted by Signature Training Academy, our host facility in Brodheadsville. Our Recovery Tech's are trained in some of the most state of the art Recovery Technology in the industry. Our Tech's can also refer you to one of the other professionals within our organization. See below for additional information on the services and team support our Tech's are capable of providing. 


+  Rapid Reboot Compression System
  • 10 minute pre-leg training compression program
  • 30 minute post leg training compression program (or day after)

**The hip attachments do a great job working the hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes which makes them a great asset for people who heavily train their posterior chain. The hip attachment
 is also a great option to utilize the day of a chiropractic adjustment, as it helps loosen up the muscles of the hips and pelvic.

+  Compex Electrical Stimulation Programs & TENS Unit
  • Utilize the "Pre-Workout" setting prior to training to metabolically prime yourself
  • Enjoy the "Training Recovery" setting as you drink your shake to help pump fresh oxygen and nutrient rich blood into your cells, and help flush metabolic waste. 
  • The "Muscle relaxation" setting is a favorite for getting past DOMS.

Rapid Reboot Compression System


Rapid Reboot’s dynamic compression dramatically enhances blood flow, improves lymphatic function, flushes out lactic acid, eliminates muscle soreness, and increases mobility – all of which help you recover faster and get back to your best.

Rapid Reboot is FDA approved and utilizes dynamic, sequential compression, a concept based on decades of research into biomimicry, or the science of simulating the body’s natural biomechanics to enhance physiological benefits. 

Compex Electrical Stimulation Therapy

What is it?

Compex has multiple recovery and training programs. The different programs are designed to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to facilitate the flush of toxins, helping you to recover faster.

Geo's preferred programs:

  • Pre-workout warm up
  • Training Recovery
  • Muscle Relaxation


What is it?

The Myobuddy Massager is a simple to use, professional massager for every body. This line of professional massagers relieve aches, pains, stiffness and increase circulation with the power of a blend of vibration + percussion + frictional heat.

Geo's preferred uses:

  • Pre-workout warm up
  • Maintenance