Welcome to The Recovery Lab

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The 3 pillars of success to living a healthy lifestyle are goal appropriate exercise, customized nutrition, and musculoskeletal health.

You cant out train a bad diet and your quality of life is decreased with chronically tight and painful muscles.

Cardiovascular conditioning and muscular health are crucial to overall health and wellness. 

Clinically focused soft tissue work is best regarded proactively for maintenance, mobility, and longevity. Pairing soft tissue work with a chiropractic regiment is the gold standard of musculoskeletal health.

Life Style Trifecta

Our Personal Training Department's Commitment to you

  • Goal appropriate with constant mile stone's that we tackle together.
  • Ability appropriate using the crawl, walk, run principal. 
  • The exercises, tempo, and intensity of each workout is customized to best serve the client and their goals.

Our Nutrition Philosophy 

We absolutely do not crash diet our clients. We start by assessing your baseline nutrition status and switching to clean, simple food sources. Once we switch to better food sources we create a regimented daily meal plan or nutritional protocol. Consistency in your food consumption is key. We gradually make changes to your meal plan based on your goals. We explain the why every step of the way. It's all to convenient that our sister company, Dean's Cuisine is a farm to table meal prep service that deliver's direct to our partnering facilities.


Recovery Lab Support

The Recovery Lab is committed to keeping our client's pain and injury free, and performing at their best through the following services:

  • Clinical bodywork
  • Spa Services
  • Chiropractic
  • Mobility sessions
  • Sleep Hygiene Protocol

To setup a free consultation you can call or text Dean at (570) 369-2440