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Dean - Corrective Exercise Trainer

Location: Brodheadsville

Signature Training Academy

137 Erin Lane

Brodheadsville, PA

Christy- Corrective Exercise Trainer

Location: Palmerton


260 Delaware Ave

Palmerton, PA

What Is Corrective Exercise?

         Corrective exercise is most easily described as clinically oriented personal training. This style of personal training comes from our instructors elevated understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. The goal of corrective exercise is to overcome muscle imbalances and other structural abnormalities through the application of goal focused exercise. In these sessions we focus on the core fundamentals of proper resistance training. Proper form and technique and will be emphasized. Each of your workouts will be personalized to make sure you are getting the best sessions and outcome possible. Our Corrective Exercise Specialists can also provide you with nutritional support to make sure the muscle repair and growth process is occurring as intended by the exercise program.

Who is Corrective Exercise For?

Corrective exercise is best for, but not limited to:

  • People finishing a physical therapy regiment seeking a clinical approach to personal training
  • Those told by their Doctor or Chiropractor that exercise will help alleviate an issue
  • People suffering from underactive muscle groups which are causing structural issues
  • Beginners to weight training seeking to obtain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals.
  • People who have physical limitations they are seeking to overcome through exercise.

**Ask your Doctor or Chiropractor if Corrective Exercise is right for you**