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Dr. Gorman was born and raised in the Poconos.  He grew up playing sports such as baseball, hockey, tennis, volleyball and bowling and used chiropractic care to keep him competitive on the field.  When not helping patients he may be found working out at the gym, riding his bicycle and spending time with his wife and kids. 

Meet Dr. Gorman

                   Dr. Derek Gorman is a graduate of Penn State University and the New York Chiropractic College.  In addition to providing general chiropractic care, Dr. Gorman focuses on helping his patients recover from injury and increasing athletic performance. Chiropractic treatment restores normal function while increasing mobility in the body allowing it to heal and operate at peak efficiency.  Dr. Gorman uses a combination of chiropractic and orthopedic testing methods to determine the cause of his patients’ pain and develop the proper course of care.  Treatments consist of a variety of techniques including chiropractic adjustments, manual and instrument assisted myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching and corrective exercises. Dr. Gorman is also certified as a RockTape FMT Advanced Kinesiology Taping Professional.  The team at The Recovery Lab will work together to get you moving and improve your quality of life. 

How tissue work and chiropractic work together
For the purpose of this analogy, Imagine your muscle as a bungee cord. The bungee cord starts on one bone, and inserts onto another. Muscle contraction, is when the bungee cord is pulled tight and causes movement. If your muscles are chronically tight, it can cause chronic tension on the skeletal system. When Soft Tissue work is introduced, especially prior to a chiropractic adjustment the effects of both the soft tissue work and chiropractic work combined create a greater effect than one of those disciplines alone.