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About this program

Geo’s Recovery Lab has entered a partnership with a global lab network which is CLIA certified and CAP-accredited. These are the same tests and analyzer types you would have access to through your primary care physician. 

How it works:⁣
Step 1:⁣
From our homepage click the “Dean’s availability” button on the home page under our Stroudsburg, Brodheadsville, or Palmerton locations. ⁣
Step 2: ⁣
Under the service selection area choose “blood work consultation.” In this free consultation we will discuss what your goals are and what lab values you would like taken. 

Our partnership includes a 20% off discount code which will be applied when we purchase the test kit.⁣ Tests start as low as $50 and are covered by HSA insurance accounts as well.
Step 3:⁣
Your test kit will arrive in 3 to 5 days. Once your kit arrives we will schedule a Sample Collection appointment. Each test has different requirements as far as fasting periods, and when the sample must be collected, we will go over this with you in the consult.⁣
Step 4:⁣
Your test results will be available online within 2 to 5 days. A member of the medical lab's nursing team will reach out to you to go over your results and discuss any actions needed. You will also have access to all of your labs done through our program online in and easy to read and understand format.⁣

 **Geos Recovery Lab does not own the medical laboratory which processes the collection sample. Samples are sent out to a third-party lab. Your results are made available online through the processing medical lab and a member from their nursing team will contact you to go over the results.

Vitamins & Micronutrients

Essential Vitamin Test

Mineral Test

Micronutrient Test

Metabolism & Nutrition Relevant

Thyroid Panel

Thyroid Antibody Panel

Cholesterol Test

Diabetes Test

Omega Test's (coming soon)

Celiac Testing (coming soon)

Heart, Liver & Kidney's

Kidney Panel

Liver Panel (Coming Soon)

Diabetes & Heart Health

Male Hormone


Male Hormone Plus

Male Hormone Advanced

Prostate Specific Antigen

Female Hormone

Progesterone Test

Female Hormone Test

Miscellaneous Testing


Iron Test

Lyme Disease Test

Additional tests are available. Contact us if you are looking for a test you do not see above.